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SkyTram, Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

There are many canopy tours in Costa Rica but Sky Trek operates on a larger scale and in harmony amidst the pristine primary cloud forest. Sky Trek has some of the longest cables in the country, well-maintained trails throughout the cloud forest, suspension bridges and one of the safest harnessing and pulley systems that enable people of all ages to safely fly across the jungle!

Sky Tram
The Sky Tram is a cable car ride through the forest, ascending along a beautiful cloud forest ridge, giving participants the opportunity to observe the various ecological layers of the forest from the forest floor to the canopy. Stops are made along the way to observe plant and animal life and learn from an experienced guide. The duration of the tram takes about 20 minutes before arriving at an observatory platform. Those continuing on to the Sky Trek will descend via the cables back to the central office, if you are not continuing on to the Sky Trek zip line cables you will return via the Tram. This activity is required for those who wish to do the Sky Trek.

Sky Trek
This famous canopy tour consists of eight zip line cables with a combined length of almost three kilometers and range in distances between 40 and 750 meters, and heights that range between 15 to 100 meters. Sky Trek is also a great opportunity to have panoramic views at two observation towers that offer views to the Pacific Ocean. On a clear day it is also possible to see the northern lowlands that stretch all the way to the Caribbean. The Sky Trek tour generally takes about two hours. Maximum weight allowed for the Sky Trek is 217 lbs.

Sky Walk
A wonderful opportunity to enjoy the flora of the Cloud Forest at a slower pace. The suspension bridges vary in length and allow a unique perspective within the canopy.

Clothing: Sky Adventures recommends long pants. Shorts are fine as well, but the harness fits around your legs and waist so it is better to have a protective layer, therefore long shorts are recommended. Full-size rain jackets are available on site if you forget to pack your jacket. Also, it is advised to wear closed-toed shoes (hiking or tennis) rather than sandals.
Transportation: Transportation is available from all Monteverde area hotels except the Mirador Lodge and Vista Verde Lodge.
What to Bring: Sunscreen and a raincoat. Please keep in mind that cameras are not allowed on this tour, but you can bring a Gopro.
Tour Length: 2-2/3 hours (The Sky Trek & Sky Tram is 2 hours and 40 minutes long — the tour is 2 hours plus transportation to and from is 40 minutes.)
This tour is not recommended for people with seizures, problems with dizziness, fainting, heart conditions, osteoporosis, recent surgeries, asthma, any ailment at the time of the tour, or women who are pregnant.

Included: Transportation, entrance fee and guide.